Complete Educational Key Stage 2 Cross Curricular Resources.


'A superb, historically accurate interactive resource which will support children's learning across the curriculum.'

J Charlwood Teacher

'The most useful aspect of this product is that almost everything a teacher needs to deliver prehistory effectively to Key Stage 2 pupils can be found in this interactive.'

Teacher Key Stage 2

'Each piece of text has been written in a way that is easily accessible for Key Stage 2 pupils and the provision of teacher's notes to help them develop their own subject knowledge before delivering a unit of work is extremely useful. All of the information has been provided by archaeologists and therefore the subject knowledge for this time period is outstanding. The recommended activities section for each unit means that staff are able to plan activities specifically related to the information provided within each prehistoric age, without having to refer to other websites for ideas.'

A real timesaver!

T Horran Teacher

'The use of cartoon style pictures alongside real photos of artefacts is an excellent way of engaging the pupils and maintaining their interest. I would certainly recommend this product for the teaching and learning of prehistory in Key Stage 2.'


'In my opinion this Interactive would be a most valuable tool for any Primary School teacher. It is easy to navigate through the periods of Prehistory and the graphics will engage young children. The archaeology content is clear and informative. There are many practical ideas appropriate for expanding into Topic Work. Exploring history in this way would be exciting and fun!'

Eileen Noble B.Ed Hons. Primary School Teacher.

'This is a fabulous Interactive resource on the Stone Age, which makes the period interesting and accessible for non-specialist teachers and their students. It greatly facilitates the delivery of the content of the new History curriculum requirements in an enjoyable, fun way. In short, it's great and very user friendly.!'

A. Sager Primary school teacher

About Us

We are a team of archaeologists, film makers and designers with 15 years of experience making heritage interactives. Though our voluntary work in schools, we have identified a need for quality interactive resources particularly to meet the needs of the new curriculum. In response to this we have worked alongside teachers and other experts to produce a fun 6 week interactive resource for KS2 that covers the 'Stone Age', from the Palaeolithic period through to the Iron Age. With teachers notes and activities covering Literacy, Maths, History, Geography, Art, Design and Technology, and P.E. as well as cartoons, key facts, videos and further information, our aim has been to supply everything you need about each of these key periods in an easy to use 6 week topic module.

Please register your interest via email for further information on future products and download the free Palaeolithic module from our Stone Age topic.